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  • Rs. 7,80,000
  • Rs. 19,57,418
Created with Highcharts 3.0.9Break-up of Total FutureValue60 %40 %Growth AmountSIP Invested Amt
Created with Highcharts 3.0.9Growth ValueSystematic Investment Plan (SIP) Growth ChartFuture valueInvested Amount2017201820192020202120222023202420252026202720282029₹0₹5.00 Lac₹10.00 Lac₹15.00 Lac₹20.00 Lac₹25.00 LacThursday, Jan 1, 00:00:02.024Future value: 826,565
The graph depicts the total wealth that shall be created over a period of time on the basis of the small investments made every month. It is subject to the returns expected by you after considering the power of compounding.