Wealth Management Services

As an independent Wealth Management Firm we offer whole of market solutions to both individuals and companies. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and to enable a bespoke, strategic plan to be put together.

All areas of investment are considered when formulating an investment plan that fits the clients needs and objectives. We believe we are in partnership with our clients and their needs are our priority. We offer a diverse range of wealth management products. The right combination of investments can be different for each client, being reliant on their needs, goals and attitude to risk.

Our Wealth Management Proposition includes the
following elements



As you prepare to invest, you’ll need to assess your net worth.No matter your preferred risk level, we’ve got a portfolio for you. We at Accumen understand your goals and risk preferences and choose a portfolio suitable to your needs.


Our risk profiling tool will help you understand your ability to bear risk and identify the asset classes to match your investment goals. Accumen make tailored recommendations based on your risk profile.


Once we’ve determined which assets should go into a portfolio, and in what proportions, we look to invest in them in the most efficient way possible. We use a broad range of assets to build sophisticated, globally-diversified portfolios.

We offer the following Wealth Management Products


Mutual Funds

We provide suitable investment options to the clients within the mutual fund space on the basis of our thorough primary research by taking both qualitative & quantitative factors into consideration. We aim to capture on 4-5 different thoughts in client’s fund portfolio rather than just picking the top 5 funds on the basis of past performance.

Portfolio Management Services

We currently offer Portfolio Management Services through UNIFI Capital PMS. They have been pursuing niche investment themes within Mid & Small Cap Equity space that deliver superior risk adjusted returns to their investor clients. They have an impeccable client retention rate of 98% approx. as compared to an industry average of around 65%-70%.


Bonds represent debt obligations – and therefore are a form of borrowing. We offer both tax free and taxable bonds to our clients in both primary and secondary markets through various debt brokers. We also work with a number of large institutions / PF trusts to cater to their long term investment objectives through corporate / state development loans & sovereign bonds. Download Now

Corporate Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit account is an investment account and a type of savings account in which money is deposited for a stated period of time and a fixed interest rate is paid at the end of that period. We offer investment options in various corporate deposits with tenure of 1 to 5 years offered by large corporations. Download Now

7.75% GOI Savings Bonds

These bonds offer an attractive fixed rate of 7.75% p.a. for 6 years with a Sovereign Credit exposure. Investors have option to choose half-yearly interest pay out or cumulative option.

The interest rate of 7.75% on GOI Bonds is more than most bank fixed deposits. And, both are equally safe and secure.

Unlisted Equity Shares

An unlisted security is a financial instrument that is not traded on an exchange, but through the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Unlisted securities are also called OTC securities. Market makers facilitate the buying and selling of unlisted securities in the OTC market. Because they are not exchange traded, unlisted securities can be less liquid than listed securities.